domenica 1 giugno 2014

Why India's sanitation crisis kills women (BBC)

The two girls were going to the fields to defecate when they went missing on Tuesday night.
Nearly half-a-billion Indians - or 48% of the population - lack access to basic sanitation and defecate in the open.
The situation is worse in villages where, according to the WHO and Unicef, some 65% defecate in the open. And women appear to bear the brunt as they are mostly attacked and assaulted when they step out early in the morning or late in the evening.
Women in one slum said when they went out in the open to defecate, local boys stared at them, made threats, threw bricks and stabbed them. Others said they faced "lewd remarks, physical gestures and rape when they relieved themselves in the bushes"

-perché la crisi sanitaria indiana uccide le donne-

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