domenica 22 giugno 2014

A former apartheid leader is seeking redemption—by washing the feet of those he wronged. But... (The New Republic)

A person like Adriaan Vlok poses a threat. Someone who would willingly debase himself and suggest Afrikaners still have something to apologize for is working at cross-purposes to much of the Afrikaner community’s goal at this moment in history: to resist more sweeping change. And thus, when the news of his foot-washing episode went public after Chikane talked about it in a sermon, Vlok became not an Afrikaner hero but an object of withering hate and contempt. One white op-ed writer called Vlok “ridiculous”; another, a “quivering dog.” An Afrikaner friend of mine pronounced him a “traitor.”

-un ex-leader Afrikaner cerca la sua redenzione - lavando i piedi di coloro che un tempo aveva tentato di uccidere-

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